Our Story

Starting from his garage, owner Gabe Adams has built Bluewater Performance from the ground up. He always had a passion of all things automotive, and after working out of his garage, decided to invest in a small, one lift shop.

Continued success led him to expand into a larger building, with more shop space in 2012, and from there, that shop has doubled in size with the addition of the new connected shop space next door. Bluewater now occupies a 10,000 sq foot facility, with 5 lifts, an AWD Dyno, and a large inventory area.

Bluewater was built on hard work, and with the support of the incredibly enthusiastic VW and Audi community all across the country. When not at the shop, BW is participating in events all across the nation, including Wuste, Wookies in the Woods, EuropeanCar GP, SCCA Autocross events, and more!