Peloquin R32 Rear Torsen Limited Slip Differential

Peloquin R32 Rear Torsen Limited Slip Differential

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Additional Information

There are many reasons to upgrade your OEM
differential to a Peloquin torsen limited slip unit. These units will
eliminate "one wheel peels" by biasing the power to the wheel with
traction, rather then the one without. In a straight line, this means
providing power to both wheels, rather then just whichever one breaks
loose first. In a turning situation, the Peloquin Torsen differential
will bias the power towards the outside wheel which has more grip,
eliminating that pesky, and slow, spinning inside tire. These major
traction advantages will result in a much much faster street car.
Reliability is also an issue. VW Differentials, and the rivets they are
held to the ring gear with, have been infamous for ages. If you run it
totally stock, the rivets shear off, the ring gear then smashes a hole
in your case. Swapping the rivets will work for some people- we do carry
the ARP replacements, but for people making truely big power, the
actual OEM differential is the next thing to fail, also usually
resulting in a hole in the transmission case. For true reliability in a
big horsepower situation there is no better solution then to upgrade the
entire assembly to a Peloquin differential, comes with transferable
lifetime warantee.

Replaces the entire OEM differential assembly with a high quality torsen limited slip
Comes with ring gear bolts and bearings
Fits R32 Rear differential housings with no modification